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Form Designs was originally established in South Africa by Edward & Sharon Khoury in 1982. In 1996, at its peak, Form Designs relocated to Perth, Western Australia.

Offering a true design service, we strive to create successful new innovative products and designs that not only appeal aesthetically but also work effectively for both large companies and private individuals.

Our experienced and highly capable team of designers listen closely to fully understand your project and address each specific need, working tirelessly to ensure a high quality finished product and a satisfied client.

Contact us today to see how we can help you increase sales or get your spark of an idea into production!

For more information read Edward Khoury’s Profile, or download our Company Capability Statement. Form Designs is a registered Research Service Provider, RSP no. 99499.


To lead design by example.

To be responsible and to design with awareness of our environment, society and sustainability.

To form lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers, and

To become an extension of their companies, deliver desirable, marketable, excellent products and above all to innovate beyond expectations.

To Design, Create and Surpass.


Global Marine Enclosures



and what they say...

  • My name is Tracey Thompson, I have two children one boy one girl and both have married, and it was during the planning process for both weddings that I tried to find a luxurious compendium style wedding planner that I could purchase as a gift for each couple, I was looking for something beautiful, something encased in luxurious leather, something interactive, practical and something the newly engaged couple could use to map out their very personal journey to the altar, then once all the planning and the wedding was over with, every precious moment and memory shared along that journey and documented throughout those pages could be safely stored for them to one day share with their own family. I could not find anything remotely like the vision I had trapped inside my head, so in 2015, I decided to go ahead and try to make it, I HAD NO IDEA WHERE TO START… So, I began writing, once I  had all the written literature done, I needed an editor as my background was working with luxurious brands, not  writing, and as I wanted the pages to look luxurious, I went to different craft stores to buy assorted embellishments to adorn my pages so they would look pretty, I then needed illustrations so I connected with a well-known illustrator once the drawings were done I needed a graphic artist to combine the written literature, the drawings, the lay out and then I needed to choose the finishes for each and every page to tell the story glamorously, it was exhausting as I was dealing with many different people, companies and factory’s, I was becoming  more and more frustrated, I began to feel I had bitten off far more than could manage and that my vision would NEVER come to life, and I was ready to give up. I thought if only there was ONE COMPANY to help me pull it all together and do the lot!!! how much smoother things could run for me, one company that was able to understand the vision I had for my product and was equipped to bring all aspects of my product to life, I really had no idea how I was going pull this idea together and into a finished product? I spent the next year going from one company to another both in Australia and overseas, meeting with different R&D developers etc, this was a costly exercise for me and I achieved absolutely nothing. It was at this time I was introduced to Form Designs Australia, I went along to my first meeting and thought WOW!!!  WHAT a breath of fresh air!!! I was given solutions not problems for the first time ever throughout my journey, working with Form Designs Australia provided my business with everything I needed in one place, the left hand was always talking to the right so to speak, all my 2D, 3D and CAD drawings, graphic designs, layouts, prototypes, photography, were all under one roof, you name it, they have the answers, Edward, Sharon and their team leave absolutely no stone unturned, they only ever give 110% to absolutely every single little thing they do. Edward and Sharon’s product knowledge combined with their knowledge of dealing with overseas companies has been an enormous benefit to my business, nothing is ever too much trouble, without Form Designs Australia my product would not have gone into production in 2018, I never really understood the process, as I wanted everything fast, fast and faster, but they have shown me, that without the process, you only have chaos. Professionalism is something that just comes naturally with the whole team, Form Designs Australia have provided me with more than I could ever thank them for, going forward I have several products I would like to develop and if I could pick any company in the entire world to work with, it would be FORM DESIGN’S AUSTRALIA!!! I’m so lucky to have you guys, without you all, I would still be going around and around in circles getting nowhere.
    Tracey Thompson – Director Leeffect
  • "If you are looking for a company that is confidential, full of integrity and helpful above and beyond the norm,  Form Designs is outstanding.  We are so grateful for their professionalism and helpful caring service."
    Alyse Anderson – Pikki Designs Pty Ltd.
  • “Dear Edward, Just a short note to thank you, Sharon, Victoria and the outstanding team at Form Designs for allowing us the opportunity to turn our dream of producing BLAZABALL into a reality. We are so grateful for the relationship we have formed with each and every one of you. Your professionalism, dedication, incredible knowledge, advice and continued support has made this project and process such a pleasure. We are so very proud of BLAZABALL and are excited for our company’s future. We are so looking forward to meeting with Industry Colleagues at the HPB EXPO in Dallas, Texas and other exciting events such as The Perth Royal Show. We would never have been able to accomplish so much without your expertise, encouragement and continued support. Thank you once again for everything, we look forward to a continued relationship with you all and the opportunity to work with you all again very soon."
    Sergio and Nancy Vilardi – BLAZABALL
  • “I initially approached Form Designs with a nervous anticipation, hoping that they could help to bring my idea into reality. I was warmly welcomed by the family business owners and there were fantastic open and transparent discussions for future development of my concept. From day one I recognised Form Designs’ professionalism and excellence and have excitedly recommended them to friends and colleagues.”
    Terry Marks – Inventor, Securiing
  • “They were very supportive and encouraging and gave us sound advice on where we could take our invention and what we could do. We found their honesty and integrity to be outstanding and we have in fact engaged them to design another bike storage product for us to expand our range.”
    Janine Steadman – Co-Inventor, Steadyrack
  • “The design process of collaboration using the functional knowledge and experience of SCHÜTZ DSL combined with the design experience of FORM DESIGNS resulted in not only establishing a great degree of trust and respect between the parties but delivered a superior product that exceeded our expectation. It is our opinion that FORM DESIGNS throughout our dealings displayed a high degree of professionalism in their approach to this project and SCHÜTZ DSL is very satisfied with the outcome.”
    Phil Reinhardt – General Manager WA, SCHÜTZ DSL (Australia) PTY LTD
  • “As newcomers to the world of design and manufacturing we had a lot to learn very quickly and the assistance and expertise from Form Designs enabled us to bring the project to fruition on time and on budget. The awards we won are a credit to the hard work and professionalism put in by Form Designs and their team and the fantastic design of the Connex. We definitely set the bar high and Form Designs have helped us achieve what most said was not possible with a truly innovative product.”
    Chris Trewin – Director, 300K Enterprises
  • “From the first meeting with my designers I felt a connection. Communication between us was exceptional and all members of their team were kept up-to-date. There was always an open-minded approach to solutions and my ideas and suggestions were always invited. I have always felt in total control of my design, with a terrific team around me for support.”
    Wendy Flack – Inventor, Couple-It