BedZee: A Unique Fitted Cot Blanket for Toddlers

January 19, 2017    

  • BedZee: A Unique Fitted Cot Blanket for Toddlers

BedZee is a innovative new toddler’s cot blanket designed for a comfortable night’s sleep. Toddlers often get restless during the night and blankets can come off, waking the child up.


BedZee is a detachable, enclosed quilted infant blanket for a child’s cot it attaches to our specialised fitted sheets with Velcro.

BedZee can be zipped open and closed at the sides, allowing easy access to your child at night time and can be removed easily and replaced with another BedZee for little nighttime accidents.

BedZee comes with 2 easy interchangeable fitted Velcro sheets and a matching pillowcase. It can be altered in length to suit the height of your child with the fold down press studs fitted at the top of the blanket.

BedZee’s design helps prevent the blankets from falling off the child during the night and helps prevent less movement due to the snug fit, thus making the child sleep longer.


Sara Pattullo, the founder of BedZee, reflected on her experience working with Form Designs:

Form Designs is such a forward thinking company which helped me get my product out into the market from start to finish. Their professional team is extremely efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

I highly recommend using Form Designs with your project as their experience and dedication to their work is expectional.

Sara Pattullo, Bedzee

BedZee is now available online: