Where to Buy the Captain Grip Towel Seat Clip

December 24, 2015    

Captain Grip in package

Over the past few weeks we have had countless enquiries of where to buy the Captain Grip Towel Seat Clip. Unfortunately we do not sell the products we design, the Captain Grip team can be contacted directly through their website www.captaingrip.com.

Here is some information from the Captain Grip Team on where the product can be found:

“We have been advised, after initial distribution problems, that the Captain Grip has been distributed to all Big W stores. However, if your local Big W does not have it, you can ask the service desk to look it up on their inventory under * CAPTAIN * and it will come up as a * ASSEENONTV * product.

Alternatively, you can purchase them now online from www.checkthatout.com.

Should you have any further difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us via the website www.captaingrip.com.”

Hope this helps!